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New Strains- Chronic GSC & Cherry Pie? Which one would you choose?

Chronic Girl Scout Cookies- Sativa Hybrid- THC- 31.11% and Terps- 2.18%. COMMON USAGE CHRONIC PAIN DEPRESSION STRESS


Chronic Cherry Pie- THC- 28.14% and Terps-2.75%. Great Hybrid for a pleasant day. The initial high, which only takes a few minutes to hit you, will be very cerebral, clear, and positive; classic Sativa characteristics. Couchlock is not far behind, though, as the Indica characteristics of this strain come on strong. Cherry Pie is unique for an Indica Heavy hybrid in that the intense body high and relaxed feelings are not accompanied by feeling tired or groggy; this is why many enthusiasts consider Cherry Pie the ideal strain for medical use. Great for relieving pain, anxiety, stress, PTSD or just to help unwind at the end of a day

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