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This Weekend Deals!! If you Comment/like this Blog, you will get a Penny Preroll!

25% Off Flower/Edibles, Capsules/Pills!! Flower Oz Deals for $49!! 2g for $45 Sunday Extracts Vapes! 2g for $40 Sunday Extracts Concentrates! 2g for $40 Swerve, Electraleaf, Sweetstuff Carts! 2g for $35 Loco Carts! 2g for $22 Dos Loco Carts! $30 Simple Cure Carts! $20 Simple Cure Pods! 300mg Nature Key Chocolates $20! $8 100mg Chocolates and Gummy Nature Key Edible! $5 Wana 50mg Single Gummies! Tax Included in all Prices! Some restrictions may apply!

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